Mercedes-AMG GT4

Mercedes-AMG presents more powerful Mercedes-AMG GT4 version.

  • Mercedes-AMG presents optimised version of its successful GT4 model 
  • Optional output of 400 kW makes Mercedes-AMG GT4 most powerful car in competitive environment 
  • Innovative front bumper of natural fibre reinforced material enhances sustainability and safety


More power, more safety, more sustainability: the optimised 2022-spec Mercedes-AMG GT4 is setting new benchmarks for race cars from the GT4 category in multiple areas. Since its market introduction for the 2018 season, the Mercedes-AMG GT3’s “little brother” has been able to win over numerous Customer Racing Teams and to score impressive racing achievements. Now, the ongoing development of the car that has been a continuous process from the onset is reaching a new highlight: the outstanding novelty is a power increase from 375 kW/510 hp to 400 kW/544 hp, making the car the most powerful GT4 in its competitive environment. The optimised version of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is specifically aimed at track day activities, during which the car will now have an even more performant appearance.

115 overall wins, 353 class wins and 209 podium finishes from 768 races: since its market introduction in 2018, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has proven to be a guarantee for regular top results. While the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing Teams and Drivers were racking up one success after another with the GT4 in series like ADAC GT4 Germany, DTM Trophy, IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge or the Nürburgring 24-hour race, work was going on in Affalterbach all the time to further optimise the car.

The result of the most recent development that is being presented now also provides a new performance level: now with up to 400 kW/544 hp, the 2022-spec model becomes the most powerful GT4 in its competitive environment. This increase, available as an option, is achieved by a special licensed modification of the engine management.

Those customers and customer teams running the car during track days will benefit in particular from the additional power of the AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine. Beyond homologation restrictions that are in place for race series, they can fully enjoy the output of 400 kW/544 hp during such events. Optionally, Mercedes-AMG is offering an additional high-downforce front splitter as well as twelve-inch wide rear wheels to enhance the race track performance even further.

In addition to the track days, the modified front splitter and the wider rear wheels can also be used in the so-called SP8T class of the Nürburgring Endurance Series. The class for GT4 cars with turbocharged engines with a capacity of up to four litres is also part of the ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifier and the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring race.

Front bumper of natural fibre reinforced material leads to more sustainable production and enhanced safety
Optically, the GT4 remains largely unchanged and comes in the familiar AMG design. It is only underneath the standard coating in iridium silver metallic that a slight modification can be found. A front apron made of natural fibre reinforced material replaces its predecessor reinforced by carbon fibre. During the production of the new front bumper of natural fibre reinforced material, the CO2 emission is lower than to date. As a result, the production process is environmentally friendlier. As the material that has been used doesn’t splinter in case of a possible damage, safety has been enhanced as well. Punctures as a result of parts that have come loose can be prevented in this way and the risk of injury for mechanics is being reduced.

As of now, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 with the new performance level can be acquired directly from Mercedes-AMG GmbH Affalterbach. The standard delivery comes with an output of 375 kW/510 hp that can be increased to 400 kW/544 hp at a net surcharge of 2,990 Euros. The net sales prices of the car in the basic version without air conditioning amounts to 215,000 Euros.

Stefan Wendl, head of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing: “We have made the decision to unleash even more power for our GT4 cars to enable additional flexibility in terms of set-up for our customers on one hand and on the other hand to simply provide more fun at the race track. That, in the process, we also have the most powerful GT4 in the competitive environment at the same time, is filling everybody in Affalterbach with pride. Next to the performance increase, we were also able to make the production process more sustainable and to enhance the safety, all of which enabling us to provide our customers with a successful overall package.”

Technical data of the new Mercedes-AMG GT4*:


AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine


3,982 cm3


up to 400 kW (544 hp)*

Max. torque

up to 630 Nm*


Transaxle configuration: front engine, gearbox on the rear axle, connected by Torque Tube


Sequential AMG 6-speed competition gearbox with mechanical (adjustable) self-locking differential and magnesium casing, shift paddles on the steering wheel, pneumatically operated


Aluminium space frame;
roll cage of high-tensile steel;  
bodywork with elements of natural fibre-enforced material


Carbon driver safety cell to latest FIA standards;  
individualised seat foaming and integrated headrest as well as extrication hatch in the roof;
high-performance motorsport fire extinguisher system


Aluminium double wishbones front and rear, shock absorbers with adjustable bounce and rebound


Motorsport electronics with torque control;
optimised driver aid systems: AMG TRACTION CONTROL, competition ABS, Race-Start Control; service-friendly durable motorsport wiring,


Electro-mechanical power steering


Competition brake system with adjustable ABS; self-ventilating composite brake discs with special cooling air guidance; brake callipers with 6 pistons at the front and 4 pistons at the rear; brake disc diameter 390 mm front/355 mm rear


AMG light alloy wheels, 11x18”, forged


front: 305/660-18 / rear: 305/680-18


< 1,390 kg*

Length / width / height

4,619 mm / 1,996 mm / 1,284 mm

Wheel base

2,630 mm

Fuel tank capacity

120 l (motorsport safety tank)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

under 4 s*

Top speed

over 250 km/h*


215,000 Euros (ex Affalterbach, VAT not included)

*depending on the relevant balance of performance