GT3 special edition: “50 Years Legend of Spa”

As a homage to the 1971 24-hour race, Mercedes-AMG presents a limited edition labelled “50 Years Legend of Spa” at the occasion of the 50th anniversary. It includes all three GT3 generations that have been developed so far. To ensure maximum exclusivity, the number is limited to one of each: one SLS AMG GT3, one Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the 2016 model year and one Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020.

All the three race cars are ready-to-race one-of-a-kind machines with special characteristics and unique specifications. Their livery is distinctive: a modern new interpretation of the iconic look that put the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG in the centre of the attention 50 years ago. Next to the red basic colour, the surfaces for starting numbers and sponsors have been unmistakably inspired by those from the race participation at Spa.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa”

With the SLS AMG GT3, Mercedes-AMG is becoming involved in customer racing in 2010. The race car with its characteristic gullwing doors is well ahead both of its time and of its competitors. Next to the spectacular looks, its innovative motorsport technologies stand out in particular. Everything has been aimed to meet requirements at the highest level, including the innovative safety concept. At the race track, the competition gullwing completes what the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG started by claiming the overall win in the Spa 24-hour race in July 2013.

The special version “50 Years Legend of Spa” is a brand-new SLS AMG GT3 from the year 2021. Officially, production of the model range indeed came to an end in 2015, but for the anniversary edition, Mercedes-AMG took the final and only remaining bodyshell of the competition gullwing from its archives and used it as a base to build the special version on. Together with the other characteristics and specifications of the special model range, the result is a car that can not be exceeded in terms of uniqueness.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” (MY 2016)

From 2016, it is the Mercedes-AMG GT3 that is continuing the success story of the Customer Racing Programme. In its debut season already, it is reaching new dimensions: with the newcomer, the teams achieve a historic quadruple victory in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, a success that hasn’t been surpassed ever since. At Spa, the teams also remained on course for the podium with the successor of the SLS AMG GT3, among others with a class win in 2017.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” is a fascinating new car from the first model generation that meanwhile has been discontinued. Next to the typical special colour scheme for the interior and the exterior as well as the numerous special features, the race car has yet another characteristic that is making it unmistakable and unique: its chassis number. The space frame of our anniversary edition, made from aluminium, has the concise number 100.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” (MY 2020)

Since 2020, the latest evolution model of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 has been causing excitement among fans, drivers and teams. The new race car incorporates numerous innovations, making Mercedes-AMG setting new benchmarks in GT3 competition once again. Although its era has only just started, the new GT3 has already racked up numerous achievements in endurance racing, first and foremost a 1-2 in the Daytona 24-hour race in 2021.

Slick-shod and striving for success – in the special “50 Years Legend of Spa” version, the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 is representing the present as well as the past and the future. Apart from the open exhaust system, making it even more powerful, its technology is identical to that of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars that are presently competing for victories and titles and will continue to do so in years to come. Moreover, with its looks and its special features, it is a tribute to the DNA of our brand.

Special Interior Features

Special Exterior Features

Special chassis paint: Graphite Metallic Matt

Special paint “50 Years Legend of Spa”

Seat with “50 Years Legend of Spa” logo

Special paint rims

Red seat belts


Performance exhaust system without silencer

AMG logo in door panels and entry strips painted red  

Optimized engine performance

Badge with original signature of
Hans Werner Aufrecht

Limited car cover with “50 Years Legend of Spa” logo

“50 Years Legend of Spa –
One of One” badge

Delivery on slicks

Instrument panel in visible carbon with
matt finish


The edition models have a total power output of 478 kW (650 hp, without FIA homologation).

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