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The Mercedes-AMG GT4

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is the perfect way to enter the fascinating world of GT sport. The near-series concept of the GT4 combines sophisticated racing technology with maximum safety, stability, efficiency and user friendliness.



The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is powered by a 4.0-litre V8 engine with direct injection and biturbo charging. The proven series technology of the front mid-engine enables particularly long runtime and offers potential power for race series with open classes or track days. The re-arranged oil cooler contributes to an even more effective cooling of the proven AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine, just like the new carbon exhaust air duct and the newly shaped edge on the bonnet, made of natural fibre enforced material. As a result, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 can reliably deliver its performance, even in extremely hot conditions.



The Mercedes-AMG GT4 comes with a competition brake system with multi-adjustable ABS. The particular advantages of the new Mercedes-AMG GT4 can be found in its optimised brake cooling around the front axle as well as enhanced engine cooling. Both the enlarged brake air inlet as well as the dimensionally stable brake air lines with larger diameter prevent the brake components from overheating. As a result, they ensure better driveability as well as considerably reduced wear of the brakes that are under particular load during endurance races. Thanks to a new carbon brake air duct, adapted heat protection and optimised brake calliper adapters, the airflow through the thermally affected parts has been improved. A newly developed brake disc on the front axle, aimed at reliability and longevity, complements the optimised brake cooling.



The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is equipped with optimised head and rear lights, identical to the corresponding units on the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Their design is in line with the current Mercedes-AMG GT road cars.



Next to the fresh facelift look, the new light concept also comes with a practical purpose: the new LED high performance headlights provide considerably better illumination of the track. In darkness or in poor visibility, this leads to decisive advantages for the drivers in terms of safety and performance.

Top-Class Performance: Everywhere and Everytime

With totally 151 wins and 381 podium finishes in 2018 and 2019 the Mercedes-AMG GT4 advanced to one of the most successful cars in the booming GT4 segment worldwide. With the new edition of the GT4 this story of success will be continued in 2020, just in time for the tenth anniversary season of its Customer Racing Programme. In addition to the further development of the exterior and the vehicle technology, there is also a range of qualities that the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has stood out for from its first test outings in 2017.



The Mercedes-AMG GT4 comes with a competition-specific traction control and a multi-adjustable ABS. They are based on GT3 technology, just like the sequential competition gearbox with adjustable differential. The suspension with double wishbones and shock absorbers with adjustable bounce and rebound ensures a highly precise handling with unmistakable response. The innovative torque control of the V8 biturbo engine is a guarantee for accuracy and exact driveability. Drivers of all skill levels quickly build up confidence in the vehicle as a result.



The Mercedes-AMG GT4 offers a comprehensive level of safety and the best possible protection in accordance with FIA standards. The central element is the carbon seat shell with integrated headrest, which can offer greater protection than conventional racing seats. The safety roll cage made from high-strength steel is bolted to the aluminium spaceframe and there is an emergency hatch in the roof of the vehicles. An efficient fire extinguishing system rounds off the safety concept.


Running Costs

Running costs are a key issue for customer sport. To further reduce these costs, we have enhanced the already high stability of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 with innovations such as the more robust track rods on the rear axle.



All controls in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and GT4 are intuitive and easily accessible. The central console is inclined towards the driver. Backlit markings ensure optimal visibility even at night. The carbon safety cell offers ample room even for tall drivers, while the excellent interior air circulation improves concentration. Both vehicle models can be equipped with air conditioning and adjustable seat and helmet ventilation if required.


The Mercedes-AMG GT4 ensures exceptional agility and precise steering behaviour. Precise feedback builds confidence for drivers rapidly. It’s the perfect way to enter the fascinating world of GT sport.

Technical Highlights

Suspension / Absorbers / Brakes


AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine (3,982 cm3)


Carbon driver safety cell to latest FIA standards, individual seat foaming and integrated headrest as well as recovery hatch in the roof, high-performance motorsport fire extinguisher system


Motorsport electronics with new torque control, optimised driver aid systems: AMG TRACTION CONTROL, competition ABS, Race-Start Control, service-friendly durable motorsport wiring


120 l motorsport safety tank, optional fast fuel system


Sequential AMG 6-speed competition gearbox with mechanical (adjustable) self-locking differential and magnesium casing, shift paddles on the steering wheel, pneumatically operated

Suspension / Absorbers / Brakes

Aluminium double wishbones front and rear, shock absorbers with adjustable bounce and rebound, new robust track rods, competition brake system (brake disc diameter 390 mm front) with adjustable ABS, self-ventilating composite brake discs, optimised cooling with enlarged brake air intake and dimensionally stable brake air lines, newly developed brake discs front, new carbon brake air duct and optimised brake calliper adapter, enlarged brake fluid tank

Market launch.

In the past two years, the ‘little brother’ of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 advanced to one of the most successful cars in the booming GT4 segment worldwide. So far, the performance and sports car brand from Affalterbach has delivered more than 120 examples of the race car to Customer Racing Teams all over the world.

With the new edition of the GT4 that will be racing globally at tracks from March 2020 onwards, Mercedes-AMG even further extends the already high level of competitiveness of its successful model. Orders for new cars can be placed with immediate effect. As the basic construction and the key components of the new edition of the GT4 are based on the current model, all the Mercedes-AMG GT4 built so far can be brought to the level of the new homologation (valid from March, 2020) without limitation and any problems thanks to a cost-effective update package. Once the homologation has been completed, the first examples of the new model will be delivered in March, 2020.

Racers wanted

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