The Mercedes-AMG GT4

Racing class hero

Mercedes-AMG GT4.

630 Nm

3.6 s from 0 to 100 km/h

400 kW/544 hp

Since 2018, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has been expanding Mercedes-AMG’s customer sports portfolio and is the perfect entry into the fascinating world of GT racing.


The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is based on the powerful Mercedes-AMG GT R Coupé production sports car (combined fuel consumption: 13.1 l/100 km | combined CO2 emission: 299 g/km) and stands out for an unparalleled safety equipment as well as its weight-optimised design. Its structure with a very light-weight and extremely rigid aluminium space frame contributes to highest achievements at the race track.

The core of success


The GT4’s production-based combines matured racing technology with the best possible safety and efficiency. In the latest development stage, the Customer Racing car, among others, comes with a new performance level of 400 kW, even further enhancing the achievements, particularly during track days.

Engine and electronics.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is powered by an AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine that stands out for long intervals and performance reserves. An optimised cooling concept complements the proven technology from the production model. The digital heart is a competition ECU to ensure an optimal performance progress. An innovative torque control results into excellent precision and driveability.

AMG 6-speed racing gearbox.

The sequential six-speed racing gearbox is placed in transaxle configuration on the Mercedes-AMG GT4’s rear axle and is pneumatically operated. A self-locking differential, mechanically adjustable from the outside, optimises the handling for the specific requirements in racing.

Racing suspension and braking system.

The suspension with double wishbones and dampers with adjustable compression and rebound is giving direct and unmistakable feedback to the driver. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 shines with exact steering characteristics, outstanding agility and excellent traction. The racing braking system comes with optimised airflow, resulting into an effective cooling of the brakes. The performance is complemented by an optimised brake disc on the front axle.

Highest design standards


The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is taking the characteristic design language of the current GT family to the race track. For the race car, the silhouette of the production counterpart was further optimised during comprehensive wind tunnel tests. The result is an all-round fascinating appearance full of dynamics and strength.

The presence of a champion.

Unmistakably AMG, typically GT. The Mercedes-AMG GT4’s characteristic features include a flat front section with the slanted grille and a front bumper made of material reinforced with natural fibres. The wide splitter generates downforce on the front axle, to which the lateral flics and the additional edge on the bonnet (Gurney flap) are contributing as well.

Dominant wing.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4’s rear impresses with muscular proportions. The rear wing is adjustable over a wide range for the optimum balance of low drag and high downforce. The GT3-based rear track rod ensures enhanced durability during endurance races.

LED light package.

The GT4’s light concept incorporates the design of the current GT road cars. The new LED high-performance headlights provide better illumination of the race track than ever before. In darkness or poor visibility, this results into decisive advantages in terms of safety and performance.

Operating efficiency


Ergonomics and functionality are the norm in the Mercedes-AMG GT4’s interior: all the elements, systems and displays have been aligned in such a way that less experienced drivers immediately feel comfortable as well. Even tall drivers find sufficient room in the spaciously dimensioned cockpit.

A safe working place.

The carbon seat box in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is directly connected to the aluminium space frame and its steel roll cage. This integration offers adapted safety for the race track. When the GT4 is being used for passenger rides, an optionally available carbon seat box for the passenger can be installed as well.

Ergonomic interior.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4’s instrument cluster looks like a powerful wing and emphasises the width. The entire interior is as ergonomic as it is intuitive. The centre console is tilted towards the driver and all the controls are within excellent reach. Fluorescent signs facilitate handling at night.

Total control.

The racing steering wheel with quick-release fastener allows for easier entry and exit of the driver. The ergonomically arranged shift paddles facilitate quick gearshift without having to take the hands off the steering wheel. Numerous additional functions can be operated by controls on the steering wheel.

Adjustable racing pedals.

From a technical perspective, the racing pedals in the Mercedes-AMG GT4 are identical to those in the GT3. Thanks to a proven quick adjustment, an exact seat position can be found for drivers of any size, individually and time-saving.

Information centre DDU.

A central multi-function display, the so-called DDU (Digital Display Unit) within the driver’s field of view provides a transparent and clear update about all the relevant information and operational status levels of the Mercedes-AMG GT4. The displayed information can be changed by means of a control on the race steering wheel.

Always keep cool.

The excellent ventilation of the interior and the optional air conditioning in the Mercedes-AMG GT4 provide a pleasant driving atmosphere and enhance concentration during the racing action. Comfort can be upgraded even further with the seat and helmet ventilation, also available as an option.

Technical Highlights

Suspension / Absorbers / Brakes


AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine (3,982 cm3)


Carbon driver safety cell to latest FIA standards, individual seat foaming and integrated headrest as well as recovery hatch in the roof, high-performance motorsport fire extinguisher system


Motorsport electronics with new torque control, optimised driver aid systems: AMG TRACTION CONTROL, competition ABS, Race-Start Control, service-friendly durable motorsport wiring


120 l motorsport safety tank, optional fast fuel system


Sequential AMG 6-speed competition gearbox with mechanical (adjustable) self-locking differential and magnesium casing, shift paddles on the steering wheel, pneumatically operated

Suspension / Absorbers / Brakes

Aluminium double wishbones front and rear, shock absorbers with adjustable bounce and rebound, new robust track rods, competition brake system (brake disc diameter 390 mm front) with adjustable ABS, self-ventilating composite brake discs, optimised cooling with enlarged brake air intake and dimensionally stable brake air lines, newly developed brake discs front, new carbon brake air duct and optimised brake calliper adapter, enlarged brake fluid tank


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Julian Schoch

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